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Hello there Beautiful Ladies

We all know it can be tough at times, to find enough energy to get out of a cozy bed to begin a busy morning

t h e r e f o r . . .

I have decided to dedicate some time to help myself, and allll the lovely hearters out there - Have really really Good vibes only days by starting each morning off the right way

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Week Planner

Here \are some week planner tips made especially for you to ensure that you start each day in a PLEASANT and POSITIVE way. .

T o - a v o i d - t h i s

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R a t h e r . .

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Tips to make every week better

  • eat well
  • get enough rest
  • be active
  • hydrate
  • laugh and smile
  • be positive - look on the bright side
  • eliminate negativity
  • manage your time well
  • stay humble
  • be grateful
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Tips for before you sleep

"The decisions you make today have a direct affect on your tomorrow"

  • Get enough sleep
Prioritise. If you know you always lack energy in the morning, make it a priority to sleep early.
  • Avoid eating a lot before you sleep
If you are an energetic morning person. . then you already know that late night binging is not a plan
sleeping on a very full stomach before you awake, will leave you feeling heavy and drained in the morning - even before you climb out of bed!
  • Open your blinds and curtains right before you sleep
T h i s . . is something that really helps me start my day off well
Waking up to the sun shining throgh your window, can be something that takes some getting used to. . . but when you do get used to it. . it will become something you really love and need
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This really helps me feel fresh and ready to start the day
  • Close windows and Use the bathroom before you sleep
Simply closing your windows and emptying your bladder before you sleep, can really have an effect on how you feel the next morning.
There are few things worse than being kept up all night because you are scathing mosquito bites or trying to kill them. Waking up in the night to use the bathroom also obviously interrupts sleep and can be avoided most of the time.

Start of each day the right way

  • wake up to something beautiful
place a pot plant in your room, or an inspirational message on your wall - something that you can look at and instantly feel uplifted
  • smile
Make sure that something in your room, a photo, the sunshine, your neat room or a painting - Makes you smile and feel good as soon as you wake up.
  • 5-10 minutes quiet time
Take 5-10 minutes to reflect and appreciate. Especially Appreciate.
_Take time to think about all the things and people you are grateful for. Think about all the reasons why you have reason to have a wonderful day - because you are so blessed.
You can also make this time more effective by to praying, meditating, or stretching
  • Have a cold wash/ shower
Opt for a cold shower or wash, this will really help you wake up and feel fresh. Also, it will most probably cause you to be thorough but quick when washing - which will save water as well :)
  • Yummy and nutritious substantial breakfast
Eating a yummy and nutritious substantial breakfast is really really important in order to continue to feel good throughout the day
We cannot nourish our hearts and our minds but forget to nourish our bodies and help improve our health and our overall well being
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  • Get moving!
you are well rested
you are nourished.
your mind is calm
your body is fresh

You are ready for the day!

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- - - - - -

P o s i t i v e - t h o u g h t s - a n d - w o r d s

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r e m e m b e r

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❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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Until next time
- ꒚ I M P L Y ℒ A U R E N ♛
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Monday, 5 February 2018