I live in the place where people only drink tea when they get cold,
Where people are kind to each other, only when they need something in return...
People only want the Sun when it gets dark,
Only watch movies to lose time and escape their minds.
Only read the books about how to get rich,
And nobody sees the art around them…
Everybody sees and loves external beauty,
But what is inside doesn’t seem to matter anymore.
Phones and fake smiles surround us.
How did it come to this?
My dear, I got so tired of this world, and I wish
There was someone to get me out of here.
Where are all the dreamers?
How come I can’t find anyone with similar mind as mine?
I feel so lonely and I am scared
That one day I will simply go numb and give up.
If I ever do, I hope the Earth I stood on
Will remember the soul that once craved for a touch of light.
Just a trace that I was here.
And that will be enough…

- Mikaela