So... hi. I don't really know how to start this... So, this is my first article, as you can see, and I wanted to do something like facts about me so you can meet me. I know this was a "trend" to write a long time ago so I'm very late, but I really wanted to do this.

1. My name is Maria and I really don't like it.

2. I'm very anxious person and I have problems with panic attacks.

3. My favorite colors are blue and yellow

4. Even tho yellow is one of my favorite colors, it really looks gross on me when I wear it.

5. I'm not very social, and I am very picky about who I hang out with

6. I love to travel

7. I want to visit lots of places, but the first I would like to visit by myself is Brooklyn

8. I am 5.6 ft tall and I like my height

9. I LOVE Lana Del Rey

10. My favorite singer is Lana Del Rey

11. I read a lot, and my favorite genres are drama, sfi-fi and comedy

12. I'm very shy

13. Lately I've been obsessed with WHI (since October I think, maybe earlier)

14. I like books more than movies


16. My bias is JUNGKOOK

17. I'm very insecure person

18. I wanna be a journalist or writer

19. My favorite fruit is pineapple

20. I'm a feminist.

21. My lucky number is 7.

22. I love basketball and that's my fav sport.

23. I'm pretty much aesthetic.

24. My jersey number is also 7.

25. I'm pretty much athlete, but a really lazy one.

26. I'm from South Europe

27. I have a younger sister and she's really annoying.

28. I also like football

29. I love pets but I don't have one right now

30. I love fashion

31. My favorite show is Skam (Shame)

32. My favorite subject at school is math

33. I apologize way too much

34. My horoscope sign is Aquarius

35. I hate dresses

36. The first artist I was really obsessed with was Selena Gomez

37. We Heart It and Tumblr are my only social media platforms

38. I’m not photogenic... at all

39. I have glasses and I don’t want contacts

40. I’m currently listening to Halsey

41. I have never been to a live concert before

42. My all time favorite show is “Friends”

43. I look at memes almost everyday

44. I am currently watching “Marie Antoinette” like right now

45. I really want a dog

46. I LOVE animals

47. My fav animal is tiger

48. I am obsessed with art and I like my own

49. Sweatshirts and black (or) rapped jeans are my favorite thing in the world

50. I'm a single pringle

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So, yeah, that would be it. I hope u have a good rest of the day/night and enjoy it.