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I'm a huge fan of minimalistic fashion. Minimalistic taste means simple outfits, minimum accessories, limited color choices. The word "chic" means to look good not trying too hard or wearing the latest trends. Although it seems easy to achieve simplicity, it is quit  hard to create a simple yet elegant look. Right combination of colors and shapes is crucial. And if you think you can't love fashion or be fashionable without following the trends, I'll try to convince you that you're wrong and here is why.

Trends come and go, but style lasts. Every month there are new trends, for example dad shoes that I'm so not into. Following trends means either spending $10,000 a month on shopping or buying fast fashion cheap products, wearing once and forgetting about them. Whether you are super rich or don't want to invest that much money in clothes, doesn't matter: you are still going to wear them once and throw them somewhere deep in your closet. But if you're eco-conscious and care about sustainable fashion and you also like elegant, effortless looks, then you'd better invest in quality timeless products that will serve you long-time. Moreover, you don't want to blend in what everybody is wearing, you want to stand out. If rose gold isn't your thing, it's totally fine, you don't have to wear it because everybody else does. As Karl Lagerfeld put it: "Trendy is the last stage before tacky". Remember, the best dress is the one that makes you look beautiful.

I have never been a fan of over-doing with clothes. Instead, I always try to choose effortless outfits that make me both beautiful and confident. For accessories, I stick to few high-quality statement rings and necklaces. Simplicity is key. Comfort is the second key :) 

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