Hi, I love listening to music and I do it a lot! So I thought I could share some of my favourite artists that are not that popular, and I hope you like them as much as I do!

the playlist


his voice is just so calming and I just want to dance to it.

my favourite songs : Sweet Dreams & Electric Love & Clouds.

børns image garrett borns, blue madonna, and børns image

billie eilish

Her style is so unique and I love it.

my favourite songs : idontwanttobeyouanymore & Bored & ocean eyes

billie eilish, blue, and clean image


You know that feeling when you're on a rooftop at 3 am and you see all those lights and the stars, well that feeling is this band.

my favourite songs : back again & no more time

aesthetic, popular, and band image aesthetic, photo, and band image

The Lumineers

This one is actually quite popular but I feel like it doesn't get enough appreciation, and I want them to get more love because they really are my favourite.

my favourite songs : Cleopatra & Gale Song & Morning Song

couple, gif, and sleep on the floor image the lumineers image


His music gives you a happy and sad feeling at the same time, he doesn't have much lyrics but that just makes it better!

my favourite songs : Begin & Truth

lie and shallou image

Of Monsters and Men

Okay, most of you know the songs Little Talks which is like their most popular songs. But if you listen further you will see that they have so much more amazing songs

my favourite songs : Love Love Love & I of the Storm

omam, of monsters and men, and nanna bryndis image black and white and of monsters and men image

Nothing but Thieves

I don't have a lot to say about this band except that it is amazing.

my favourite songs : Hell, Yeah & Amsterdam & Broken Machine

nbt and nothing but thieves image


If you know the fairytale, I think her name says enough. Her style is indie and her voice is so beautiful!

my favourite songs : Winterbird & Half The World Away

aurora and aurora aksnes image aurora and aurora aksnes image

And I have so much more but I think that this is enough. I hope you found something you like and yeah, bye bye!

- Aljona