Everybody knows which character is, but sometimes we feel upset or without confident.
A few years ago i was usually fallen in distractions and things that obviously weren't not for me; so i lost my confident and i started to not to trust in myself.
Now a days i feel so strong with myself and i finally i am who i always wanted to be.
So here are my tips that will help you being confident or maybe improve it.

1. God is the way in all the things, you should trust him first, if you don't you probably never will believe in you.

2. Try to be a better person; i mean, be humble, kind and honest with other people.

3. You have to open yourself a little more with your friends, trust more in them, because they are here for you.

4. Don't be obsessed with things, don't worry about little things because it will ruin you.

5. Finally but not less important, get around of people that show you that you are not important in this life.

Remember, life is not based on get along with people o liked people around you, life is you, life is do the right things for you and enjoy every little things that happen to you.