hi peeps first of all i would like to say a huge thankyou to all my followers and all the people who liked my last article you are great so thankyou x also i would like anyone to send me their weirdest meal that they have ever had and i will pick the best one. I will mention you in my next article and i will also follow you so please start messaging me them weird meals
my we heart it name is NETFLIXGODDESS incase you didn't know where to find me.

you may or may not of heard of zizi's it is such a fun place to go i would recommend going with family members and yes it is pizza or pasta wich can be so yummy and you can have a lovely enjoyable time.

town can be so fun i would recommend going with girl family members and if your having a bad day why not spend some dollars $$$

we all know that carvery's can get pretty messy but why not dig into some tasty food without the meat
( of course)

thankyou for listening and please message me your weirdest but most wonderful food

from scarlet
messy hair don't care xxx