Hi! Hope everyone is doing well!
I would like to share this little poem.

়়়়়়়়়়় :🌊: ়়়়়়়়়়়

I heard that song we used to sing
Lying again on the couch on an afternoon
And started thinking about the way it was
How did we laugh
How did we dance and had fun
Not caring about anything
We changed some much since that
Since we left that all in the past
We get to be strangers again
You did not care about me
I lost myself in every way possible

I have been hearing through all the people we used to knew
that you are doing well with your life since all happened
I´m just here try to understand why I´m still stuck in this hole
Not even finding the way to get back to myself
All of this happened while ago
But I can´t help thinking about that
Feeling all this mixed emotions without a good reason

That cold night I was with my friends when I saw you
I was laughing about stupid things we said
I almost forgot you and all the pain you gave me
All the things we said and did
I didn´t hesitate to not say say hello to you
I was happy for the first time
I was living in my own way
In the way I always wanted to
I healed everything I need it
I was again living in harmony with myself
And I know that I was gonna be alright
After all and after you.

়়়়়়়়়়় :🌊: ়়়়়়়়়়়

This little thing can be about anyone, not only someone who broke your heart.
With this poem, I wanted to tell everyone that no matter what happened and broke in you in pieces, you can always heal. How to be in peace with yourself. This isn´t very easy. but try it. You´re gonna feel better.
Try to let go toxic things. That always are gonna hurt you.

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Hope you like it!
M.G ❤