Okay, it´s February, the new year has started and most of us have probably made some resolutions. Maybe you want to reach that ideal body weight, the perfect beach body, or you want to get that A in maths. Whatever.

What bugs me is that most of us want to achieve those goals to be perfect, but not for themselves, they want to be perfect to live an illusion for others. Especially with social media ( INSTAGRAM), you can see that clearly: that fitness-blogger that you follow probably doesn´t look like a Greek god after his birthday meal and the fashionista with sparkling teeth and the "perfect" body needs to take at least a hundred pictures with perfect lighting, the perfect angle and the perfect location to get that one shot that goes up on Instagram.

There is the word again: perfect.
I must say, I have developed a strong disliking for this word over the years. Why? Well, firstly what does perfect even mean?

PERFECT: being entirely without fault or defect

As that dictionary entry shows, it is pretty difficult for something to reach the status "perfect". Especially for humans.

When someone says: "Oh, look at her, she´s perfect!" I always think: Maybe it looks that way, maybe she is beautiful, smart and and smiling but we only see what people want us to see. We don´t see what is going on inside a person´s mind, we don´t know how in pieces the person we´re talking about may be. You never know.

Or let us talk about celebrities because they seem to be the embodiment of perfection, right? Imagine your favourite celebrity. Is he/she rich? Beautiful? Successful? In a relationship?
Yes? Well, of course, they´re goddamn celebrities but does that mean that they´re necessarily happy? Maybe, they are, maybe they´re not but that does not mean they´re perfect.

Because, in fact, nothing is ever perfect. You may think that in the moment but eventually...?

I personally have come to the conclusion that there exists no perfect. I mean, how could something be perfect when the world´s so messed up? Ok normally I´m not such a pessimist but think about it: isn´t there to everything you entitle perfect the possibility of improvement? Maybe it´s the air that could be better, maybe it´s the noise, maybe you are tired, maybe you´re too hyped, maybe, maybe, maybe.
There is no perfect.
There are moments and people and things of incredible purity and seeming perfection BUT THEY´RE NOT PERFECT!
That´s why I decided to, instead of constantly striving to be perfect, just enjoy life and the moment I´m living. I wasted so much time working to be perfect, that I often forgot to live the moment. Because that is what happens when you just live for a perfect future and self.

In conclusion: just live in the moment.Just do it.
I´m not saying you shouldn´t compliment other people or really enjoy your food or a specific moment or movie or book. Do that. But please keep in mind what I just told you and please don´t compare everything with something, especially yourself with others.

So, if you found this inspiring, annoying, wrong, true, anything, message me and we can discuss it.
Lots of Love,