Gowns have always been the attire of choice for women. Starting from marriage ceremonies to evening parties, gowns prove to be perfectly suited apparel that compliments every occasion, irrespective of the theme.

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It is important to note that a gown only looks stylish and flattering when it is paired up with the right kind of accessory. Starting from the right shoe selection to jewelries, there are several things that a women should be careful about while sporting a designer gown. When it comes to selecting a gown for a specific occasion, the options are many. One just needs to select on the basis of body shape and preference. Glamorous cocktail dresses designed by Dubai-based designer Terani Couture is all time favorite among women.

Few details that will make gowns like Terani dresses look best are:

• A short dress teamed with stilettoes is what makes the party look complete.

• Classic dressing style with a short cocktail dress is possible if grouped with large earrings and choice of vibrant colors.

• Cocktail parties demand halter neck tops and nothing can be best as sweetheart neckline.

• Sash and belt along with it will make the look perfect and complete.

• Lastly, the length of the cocktail dress is to be kept in mind. Empire waistline creates a good impression of length.

Lengthy Evening Gowns Suits Well For a Party:

A chic look and vibrant color are synonymous to evening. The nightlife demands a loud makeup and a floor length gown. The gown along with jackets or wraps looks impressive. Focus on a few details will make your evening gown the best dress of the party you attend. Few details to be kept in mind are:

1. Composite silk, 30 D chiffon, satin, chiffon are the best fabric available for the evening gown.

2. Dark colors like dark green, dark navy, brown, grape, orange and black are suitable for evening gowns.

3. Tulle, cap, pearl, diamond, etc. are popular accessories that can be used for the purpose of designing evening gowns.

4. Accessorized with chandelier earrings, hobo bags, broad bracelets, delicate necklaces the gown will look the best.

5. Choker necklace, candy colored bracelets and studded handbags will give a chic look.

6. Floppy hats and dark collared gowns produce a queenly ambiance all round.

Above mentioned are few detailed description and tips of choosing correct accessories with the evening gowns designed by Terani Couture in Dubai store. Having one of cocktail dresses or evening gowns from this designer will make the wardrobe of a fashion chic complete. For more details visit : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVahZ5NaxCo