These were a bunch of songs which as soon as I heard them I downloaded, like you don't understand how happy I got. Since I'm hella nice I wanna share them with you all hope you enjoy my playlist for Feb 2018.

Drake image
Drake - God's Plan

Drake is dope full stop. You know every time he releases a new song its a tune. I actually wasn't liking this song at first however, after I listened to it a few times it grew on me. Please keep releasing new songs.

color, flowers, and glasses image
Rich Brian- Amen

This is straight up 1 minute fire. I wish it was longer but I'll accept anything which Rich Chigga aka Rich Brian aka Brian releases.

Abusive image
Migos- Stirfry

To be completely honest, all of their songs are amazing. This one has a nice beat to it though, I could actually see myself cooking in the kitchen getting lit to this lol even though i'm a rubbish cook somehow, maybe this song will turn me into Gordon Ramsey.

kendrick lamar and the weeknd image
The Weeknd,Kendrick Lamar- Pray for Me

I have actually only listened to this once on the radio but i love the soulfulness and deepness in the song itself. The words are so truthful and overall yep its pretty nice to listen to. I approve!

amazing, beautiful, and flawless image
Farruko, Nicki Minaj, Bad Bunny- Krippy Kush Remix ft Travis Scott & Rvssian