Hi everyone, :)
It's Penny. In today's article I'll share my top three pet peeves.

  • When someone's judging someone even before they know them

It really annoys me, when they draw the inference that this person must be really dumb, unfriendly or even a b*tch. And how do they know that exactly? By looking at them? Or they heard that someone said this and that about them?
You really shouldn't judge someone by their appearance or reputation before you get to know them.

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  • When a teacher doesn't teach something

Okay, it's a well known phrase said by many students, that 'it's the teacher's fault'. But hey, in some cases, yes, it is.
For instance, I have a teacher, who doesn't explain things that well. And if I miraculously understand the curriculum in class, he gives us some homework that we definitely didn't learn. Sometimes if we check the homework and he explains it, it seems a bit more logical. But even then, he didn't teach that thing in class. And I haven't mentioned our exams...

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  • Bad grammar and spelling

Okay so I'm definitely not talking about your second language. I mean I'm almost at advanced level in English and I make so many mistakes every day. I'm talking about your mother tongue. Because man... You have been learning that language since you were born. Try to do it well.

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So these were my top three pet peeves. I feel a bit relieved to be honest. I'm happy that I was able to write them down without cringing too much. :D

lots of love,