Hey guys, how are you? Today I'm going to write a little bit more about myself, so here we gooooo!

Whats my name?

My name is Renée, I only have one name unfortunately but if i could choose a second and third names it would be: Sonia Christina. I really want to change my name in: Renée Sonia Christina.

5 things I love

Reading, traveling, morning walks, music, writing articles and books!

Last Song I listened to:

I'm currently listening to 'Drag me down' by 1D, hahah I'm still a fangirl!

Someone I Miss:

My old friends, but I don't have contact with them anymore! I just miss the memories with them not the people!

Someone famous I'd date:

COLE SPROUSE, not to start a relationship just to become friends or something he is amazing,funny,beautiful he has EVERYTHING, I love him so much!

3 Things that annoy me easily:

People who talk shit about me behind me back! Fake friends and school!

Favorite song?

I can't choose! I love songs by Ed Sheehan, John Mayer, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Declan McKenna, Jake Bugg, Eden, The neighborhood and so much more!!

That was it for today, thanks for reading! X