Hi guys, so I just saw that @teamwehartit launched this amazing project about taking this valentines day to admire your bestie and I decided to post some inspirational thoughts about friendship to remind you all of the importance of friendships in our lives!

I think that sometimes we get too caught up in ourselves that we don't really realize how important our friends are, and how they try to fight our battles with us, just not to leave us alone!

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I know that sometimes friendships end, I had a lot of disappointments with people before. Nowadays I look at some people that used to be very close to my heart, and I remember that nowadays we are just strangers with some good memories... But that's the point in life! To make things forever while they last! And we should always treat our friendships like they are going to be forever because, who knows, right? Maybe they actually can be!
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Well, I have this friend, that is really really close to my heart, and she was/is my neiby! We are actually really really close, and we would do everything together all week long! But last year she moved to a different city! I thought that our friendship wouldn't make it, you know? I mean, she moved to a new city, and being incredible like she is, she would get lot of new friends and most likely forget me! But the first thing she always do when she comes here, is to call me and tell me to stick with here until she has to go back!
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Friendship isn't really about big gestures and everything... It is about the little things like, tagging the person in something that made you laugh, or listening to some music and telling them to listen because you fell like they will like! I love when this little things happens, it makes everything more meaningful, just to think that something so small mede them thing of you!
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This really describes me! I'm that type of person who is really shy when meeting new people, but give me a little bit of space and I'm already really open and talkative! Imagine how crazy I may look to the ones on the outside when I'm talking to my bestfriends!
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