Hi guys! I'm back! This is the third day of this writing challenge.

Day number 3: What are your top three pet peeves?

I could talk about this for an entire day because I'm very very irritable and I hate a lot of things and kind of people...

3- I need to keep money in my pocket in order of size. I might go crazy if they aren't.

money aesthetic

2-Anything in my life, for example my notebooks must be perfectly organizated, schematic and straight.

journals Superthumb

1- I need to know everything about people! I don't like people keeping me secrets. Don't worry I know I'm very nosy and for this reason I lost a lot of friends but even now, sometimes that part of me goes out but it's okay!

lips heart

Okay guys that's all for today, I hope you'll like this article and...see you tomorrow!

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