Today I want to talk about taking a great photo. These are just my tips and opinions. I love taking photos! Photography is an art form so do not be afraid to d velocity your own style and personality. There is no right or wrong, just see what you like and snap away.

If you have a good camera then great if not a throw away will also give you great pics it is about you snapping a great image not the tools. They are there just to assist you.

- Try not to pose, natural is best.
- If you are taking portrait shots do not be afraid to get close up.
- If you are taking a selfie try to avoid that ‘arm shot’.
- Try holding your phone high up as a looking up shot is different and appealing.
- Be conscious of strangers around you. They may not want to be on your Instagram feed so be respectful and do not shoot their faces.
- Personally I do not worry about good light/bad light I think if you use your initiative and look at what you intend to shoot you can work it out for yourself.
- Do not take photos of toilets, loo paper, plants sticking out of heads etc. Look at what is in the surrounding field of the shot.
- Natural beauty is very on trend so don’t wear too much makeup.
- Take funny photos relaxed and skewiffed.
- Take photos of everything. You might discover later you took something quite awesome.
- sometimes use filters to enhance the photo. However, natural is better.
- Take more than one shot of the same thing and review the best later.

I hope you found something useful here.

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