I see you're online...I could easily text you, saying "hi" or anything like it, but believe it or not, that is the hardest thing i could do. I wish I had the courage, the guts to call you, because a message is not enough. I also stopped letting myself texting you because I know how hurt i feel when the conversation is just superficial and doesnt get more forward than "what's up?" I hate that. I just wish you could say one day, "hey, (something/someone) reminded me of you" and i wont feel stupid for a while.
The day we had our 'emotional' conversation (over messages) i felt relieved because your words seemed sincere. I thought, "wow, after all this time, I am talking with the same guy who was my best friend". But that was my bad, trying to think of you from who you were to me and not from who you are now. That conversation left me with infinite doubts that some of them I don't want to know their answer.
You know the worst part? I still wish you were here. I wish that I could hear your voice and I could see you smile. But you're there and I'm here...You've changed and I've stayed the same. Same predictable girl.