Evenings are officially the best time. There's always a gentle breeze blowing, the sky becomes all these weird colours, there are always people laughing and playing somewhere....it's just perfect. It makes your mind wander to all your happy places. It makes you space out and stare into the sky wishing you could spread out your arms and fly with the birds. Free fall from some tall building and let the fresh wind hit you in the face.(sorry if you're afraid of heights)

And then the sun sets and it's the night time. Then you just sit by the window and dream some more. Watch all the colourful lights of the vehicles rush past. Spot some old couple walking their dog. It's all peaceful. It makes you feel weirdly at peace with yourself and the world.

But then there are times when you feel like you want to run away from the city. To let nature overwhelm you. To just let yourself free in vast green meadows and run alongside streams or jump from mountains or go on a road trip. To listen to some good music and lie on freshly cut grass and take in the smell of the wet soil. I dream about these places because they are my happy places. What's yours?