Hello my little treasures, I tell you already that today's article will be full of cuteness. I hope you like it and in the meantime I wish you a good read!
Here we go!

15.If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Well, without a shadow of a doubt I can say that if I were an animal I would be a cat, a tender and soft cat.

Image by Isabella

I chose this adorable little animal because it has always been my favorite since I was a child. I think cats are the most cute animals in the world, in fact I have an eight-year-old cat, called Perla and looks a lot like Pusheen, both for the color of the fur and for its clumsiness.
If I had to imagine myself as a cat, I think that I would be a white cat with blue eyes, it sticks very much to my humanistic characteristics ...
Among other things, I am a very sweet and cuddly person, so I think I would spend a lot of time being pampered by my owners.
Another thing I would like is to be able to sleep all day long, just like a cat, can eat anything I want and always feel beautiful and pretty. In fact, cats are always beautiful, both slim and plump.
Cats, among other things, are fascinating creatures, it is as if they have more developed senses than ours and are able to perceive things that we humans are not able to do.
They are perfect in everything: their eyes, their fur, their paws, their tail ... They are small containers of love and happiness.
Although sometimes they may have a character that is a bit difficult to understand, you know for sure that when you are down-morally or sad, they will always be there next to you, giving you their affection.
Cats are this and can be much more, and it is for these reasons that I would always choose them. You can not really do without them!

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Well, I hope you enjoyed the article and that you have softened everyone!
I salute you, see you tomorrow!
Kisses and cuddles!