Hello there We<3it users!
So this is my first article ( pls have that in mind ) and I decided that it will be about what I really really want to do this year.

Number one is in no doubt, SURFING, so amazing. I would like to stay at a surf camp for some weeks and forget about everything else and just surf.

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Number two, tattoos. I love them and have two myself. For some years now I wanted to get more tattoos but I've been to lazy....so in 328 days there better be some new ink on me!

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Number three, I would like to travel for some months. To where I can swim under waterfalls, relax on a big white beach ( perhaps with a mojito in my hand ), find new adventures, meet new people, dive, eat amazing food, see and learn other cultures and the list goes on...Just enjoy myself!!

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Number four, love. I need to love.....myself! Start doing more of what I want, doing what makes me feel good. Start living more for myself and less for others.

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Number five is getting my apartment fixed like I wish to have it. I have some ideas and plans on how it will be so the only thing left is to start the project.

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Some more thing that I like to do this year is:
- Learning to cook more advanced
- Be more creative
- Stop making excuses
- Be more healthy

Thank you for reading my article, hope you enjoyed it :)
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Take care and enjoy the day!!! xoxo