Paris, France

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I traveled to Paris in 2011. I was there just 3 days and I didn't get to see so much. I visited few tourist attractions and I also went to Disneyland. I don't remember much about my trip, but I want to visit Paris again in the future.

Stockholm, Sweden

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I've been in few day trips to Stockholm. Stockholm is beautiful city and the people there are really nice.

Tallinn, Estonia

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I've made few shopping trips to Tallinn. It's easy to move there and the people there are funny and nice.

Rome, Italy

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I was in Rome last March. I fell in love with the city, the architecture is just beautiful. The food is delicious, and I recommend that you go to eat in the small restaurants, because the food there is well made and so good. I definitely will visit Rome again.

Rhodes, Greece

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The beaches in Rhodes are so beautiful. The water is beautiful turquoise color . The food is also good and the people there are so kind.

I've also visited Turkey, Switzerland and some other places in Europe and in Africa, but I don't remember so much about those trips.

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