i have always been asked if i ever liked you.. turns out i loved you.
i was asked if i would ever date you... we did.. just not so long.
you were always my top reason why i was always happy..
i always wanted to go to school just to see you and hear your voice.
i was always there for you and you for me.. but what happened..?
you changed ever since you broke up with me..
my heart quickens every time you walk in the classroom.
not knowing if you're coming on the first hour or maybe coming after two hours.
i still get nervous when i talk to you, hug you. or when you sit next to me..
it's weird knowing that my heart pounds for you.. but what about yours..?
i don't even understand you anymore..
you want me but on some days not.. you're messing up my mind..
everyone in our class knows that i still love you..
and i hate it so much because i know i shouldn't even try.
i love you.. but do you love me?