I'm not talking about the Jared Leto Joker, like hell no. So obviously that means the protagonist of this article will be... HEATH LEDGER

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Well, I don't really know why the heck I am Obsessed with his way of portraying the antagonist of Batman, but I just am.

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I's just about him as a person. He is beautiful and kind and funny but in The Dark Knight he is just... so abstract, so original, so unique, so crazy and that in a away that makes you fall in love with the character.
It's like in Narcos where the author of the screenplay does not make the audience hate or fear Pablo Escobar, no not at all. We love him and how he is, despite the fact that he has killed many many innocent people and don't get me wrong, I don't support his past behavior.
But what I just wanted to say is that screenplay writers just create characters especially villains that behave in a way that does not scare us of but rather support them and makes us wanting to see more of their craziness. Just as an example of the opposite case: Freddy Krueger. At least in my humble opinion, I do not think that the audience wouldn't be scared off while seeing what he has done and still wants to achieve.

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What else... Oh right. His behavior, the way he talks and pronounces some words or sticks his tongue a little bit out to hiss and seem even crazier or just his body language.
If you've seen The Dark Knight you probably remember the scene where he and his ''friends'' visit a party and he just takes a glass of champagne or whatsoever shakes out the drink itself and THEN (you may recognize know my happiness towards Heath's Joker) he holds the glass to his mouth and ''drinks'' maybe one single drop. It's just weird, funny and crazy in one single action and everytime I watch his scene I smile.

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(sadly I couldn't find the gif for the champagne scene)
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Well I might should come to an end because if not, I'm going to keep talking all day long.
I just hope that this quite short article gives you the push you needed to watch The Dark Knight and become obsessed with the Joker aka Heath Ledger.

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