hey. hello. yes, you. i'm looking at you.

we broke up. that's all there is to it. is it that much of a stretch to ask that you leave me alone?

i thought i made it pretty clear.
i mean, i blocked you on everything there is.
i can't work out how to do it on email though, but knowing you, i bet even if i did figure it out you'd go to the length of creating multiple emails solely to pester me anyway.

if you really just can't find the self respect within yourself to stop being a shithead towards me, can you at least leave my friends out of it?
yelling at me and my friend out of a car window "YOU'RE GAY", after writing a big paragraph about me being immature, is sort of contradicting yourself, sweetie.

anyways, in spite of how much i dislike you, i honestly hope you don't do anything supremely stupid that fucks up your life.

not yours