There's one question that I kept asking myself,
"is he worth it? is he worth the time, effort and tears?"

Friendship. I don't know about others, but to me, friendship is one of the most important things in my life. I can never imagine how my life will be without my friends, my friends, they are like family to me, I can't live without them.

You. You are that one friend who I love, a friend whom I consider as family. We shared so much, I cared about you so much. I never thought I would lose you.

When did you change? Yes, I know, people change you say. But... really? You've changed into someone I can't even recognise anymore. I tried. I tried to accept the change, I tried to accept you for you, I tried to accept that maybe you've changed for the better. But I just can't, because you clearly did not change for the better. Even a blind person could tell.

We used to be so close. We'd travelled distances just to accompany each other. We'd stay up all night just to pour our hearts out. We'd experienced so much together, learnt so much together.

You were worth it.


You see me, you act like we are strangers. You won't even say 'hi', I just vanished from your life. Did I do something wrong? Is it because I cared too much like I just can't mind my own business.

I spent many sleepless nights thinking how this friendship could be saved. I shed so much tears just thinking about you, how we would never be the same again. We are drifting further and further away, I try not to show that I'm hurt. I try to hide the fact that it matters. But every time I see you, my tears just...

Hey, I just want you to know that, no matter how much you've changed, I will always remember the old you. You may not be there anymore, but memories still linger. I will always be there for you, I promise. I believe that deep inside, there's still the old you. You may not consider me as your friend anymore, but that's not the case for me. People around me are telling you aren't worth it. I beg to differ.

Because you're still worth it.

Maybe I will think otherwise in the near future because my patience is running out. But as for now, I'm always here, I'm not ready to let you go yet.