Remember when we were Little childs who were dreaming to touch the moon?

When you only take care about play and play? When you didn’t need to be formed by the society’ When in your dreams want any excuse?Wasnt the excuse, I don’t have money, I cant, its not the right moment?

When you were a dreamer.

The dreamer who belived there was no limit, that even the sky want the limit.

When you remember that little child, and the now you, it just too much different.

You did give up for your dreams telling yourdelf you want the enough good when the little you was telling the others how he was planning go to the moon

Common, let your sit, cheer up, scream, cry laugh, and feel alive one more time.

All the money you make, all the followers, all the houses, phones, all the likes, all the retweets, nothing of that garbage you gonna take to death.

The only thing that dies with and stay with your, is the things you did, and not post a tweet its not exactly a thing, post that photo isn’t also a thing

Dance on moonlight, smoke, make everything you haven’t done in your life because want the perfect moment.

The perfect moment does not exist.

The perfection doesn’t exist.

We all have a mistake, if you have this, the another, stop caring of be perfect, perfection doesn’t exist.

Yes, stop searching something that does not even exist.

Be alive is not just breathe, is feel, taste all the victorys, learn and cry of defeats,laugh of the mistakes and also learn of them, be happy.

Stop caring what the others say, you cant have everybody in this world happy.

If you are happy, who cares about the others?