What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?

(The names that you will see in this article were changed since I felt that in some way it would be disrespectful if I write the real ones.)
The first thing that came to mind when I read this, was the death of two friends of mine.

About eight years ago I experienced an experience that was quite painful for me. I was thirteen years old and I had just entered the secondary school. At first I found it hard to adapt but then I started making friends and everything was a little easier for me.
Among those friends was Mason. He was 13 years old and he was a cheerful, cute and very intelligent boy. He always said something for the class to laugh and have fun, everyone loved him including me. The months passed and Mason wasn’t going to classes until one day he stopped attending completely. Nobody knew why, we just assumed he was sick, and he was. I remember that one day our teacher came and told us the reason why he was missing, the reason was Leukaemia.
I remember that we sent him letters saying that he recovers soon and that we missed him, letters that he never answered because he was too weak to do so. His brother went every week to inform us how he was, many of those were bad news. The days passed and we started the holidays.
It was midday when suddenly my cell phone rings. It was a message from one of my friends saying that Mason had died. I remember that I started crying and screaming. Was so much pain that I felt, and it was even worst when I saw him. His skin was pale with bruises as if someone was beating him wildly. It was very hard to see him in that state. It was hard to think that he will never be with us anymore. It was a hard time for everyone. I did not understand why he had to spend so much pain when he was only 13 years old. He was just starting living life.
Two years passed and I felt the same pain again, along with anger.
I met Luke at an English academy when we were 9 years old. He was a cheerful, fun, humble boy. I loved him a lot because he was always a very good friend to me. But unfortunately, Luke had stopped going to the academy, and for a while I didn’t see him. There used to be times when I saw him at some party and we told each other how we were doing in life.
Until one day, when I left school, I saw a girl outside the school (this girls were also Luke’s friend) crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said "My mom called me on the phone saying that Luke committed suicide". I arrived at home and cried again as I had done two years ago.
There were many hypotheses of his death, among them, that the family didn’t accept his way of being. Luke was a little “girlie”, it was not like those guys who live thinking about soccer, cars, girls, play stations, and that his family did not like. That was one of the hypotheses, but the reality is that the real one was never discovered. Only his family and God know why Luke made that decision.
I was hurt and angry. Angry because he made that decision to end his life the way he did, there were so many kids with his age or younger than he that were fighting for their lives, like Mason, and he took it off like that. Hurt, because he was only a sad 15-year-old boy who thought that committing suicide was the best option.

This article was a bit long, but I really needed to tell how things were and how hard were these moments for me.