I really want to keep up with this ‘article a week’ thing, but after just one week of doing it, i have no idea what to post. Instead of having to think about some bullshit article that i wouldnt even read if i saw it, im going to make a “series” of articles called 5teen! It’s a way to let me write every week and a way to benefit and help me become a better person as i venture up to adulthood. 5teen will be weekly tips I can give to anyone who reads, whether you are older or younger than 15, that I am getting out of life.
I am going to try my hardest to keep this at enjoyable content but I CANNOT stress enough on this next sentence. NOT EVERY WEEK IS A GOOD WEEK. NOT EVERY WEEK WILL BE LIGHT.
this series is meant to provide information on things going on and how im choosing to deal with these things weekly.