Hi guys! I'll write something really simple for today's article. I have to bullet-point my day, I think that it refers to mention my day in simple words or trying to summarize my whole day. Personally, I don't like to write articles that are too short, cause I don't like reading short articles as well. I prefer medium or large article so I can read more in just 1 article. I just wanted to mention that. Now I am going to bullet point my day.

Today is currently Sunday, February 4th of 2018. I started my day at 8 o'clock, I had a delicious breakfast that contained tea and bread with avocado, which I love. Once we finished breakfast, my mom, my brother and I started to clean and organize my mom's room, We cleaned a lot and the morning ended. Then we had lunch, we just ate "chifa" , at least in my country we know that dish for that name, it's the typical chinese rice and more ingredients. Then my brother and my mom continued to clean, I was surfing on the net, text messaging with friends and just checking out my social medias. At 7:30 we began watching the movie "San Andreas", which I mentioned in my previous article as one of the movies I would never get tired of. Then we finished watching the movie and now I'm here writing this article hehe. That was basically my day.

I know I did not do much this day, but what can I do. Even though I wrote this article when it was Sunday, my family did not want to go out because in my country (Perú) some people still play "Carnavales". Carnavales is celebrated every Sunday of all February, that means it is celebrated 4 times a year. In those 4 Sundays people waste the precious water and they get wet with each other, I am pretty sure that it sounded bad!, What I meant is that people kind of "spill" water on others!. I used to play it when I was a kid, but now I don't enjoy it as much as I did. So to sum, my family does not go out the Sundays of February because we are scared to get "wet" or even painted by others.

Best Wishes For You
Susan Nayeli