It's strange how even the closest to you tell you "Hey darling, I don't think you can".
But you do, you can, and you can achieve whatever is it that you set your mind to.
Just dream, because it starts there.
Be strong, keep going. If you fall down, stand up, keep walking.
You can run, you can walk, you can skip, but you'll get there.
Be patient, watch your journey, because you'll learn, oh boy, you will.
And if you fall remember to get back up, because now you're stronger, now you know what road to take, which bridges are worth crossing, and which trees are worth climbing.
Believe in yourself, because you will get somewhere, somehow, some day.
But you need to trust yourself, you need to trust the process, and you need to be focused.
Until then, keep walking because I believe in you, and you should too.