this is my first article!! but i'm just here to give you guys a list of amazing songs that you should all 10/10 listen to!! i chose a song from almost every genre of music just to get some variety <3

japanese denim - daniel caesar
~ such a great song
~ soul / r&b

part of your life - aquilo
~ atmospheric
~ i 100% cry to this song
~ aquilo is so underrated, pls listen !!

spring day - bts
~ my fave bts song

boredom and november - tyler the creator
~ don't really listen to rap but i love this whole album
~ super chill and laid back

venus - gustav holst
~ lmao this is classical but beautiful
~ i love this whole symphony

ode to sleep - twenty one pilots
~ my fAthers

as the world falls down - david bowie
~ y'all this is from the movie "the labyrinth"
~ i deadass had a crush on david bowie in this movie when i was younger, oops
~ one of my favourite songs ever

i wanna be yours and do i wanna know - arctic monkeys
~ indie rock
~ some of my fave songs ever

the village - wrabel
~ the message in this song is amazing
~ ballad

love - dean and syd
~ this song changes its general sound in the middle of it and I love that 10/10

tame impala - yes i'm changing
~ loVe

that's all i guess !! hope you enjoy:))