• Main Girl: Jay
  • Main Boy: Asher
"I hear the beat of my heart getting louder whenever I'm near you"
- My Quotes collection

Girl's POV

"Asher!" I yelled. I ran towards him giving him a hug. His arms stayed by his sides unmoving, while I continued squeezing his tall frame.

I Jay, was friends with the bad boy Asher. I was his only friend, but just because I was his friend didn't mean he'd ever show me any affection.

When I finally let go of him he bumped shoulders with me smiling only a little bit, "Hey Jay. I see that you missed me, actually it felt like you did when you squeezed the living fu-"

"Language! I told you to stop." I told him. Asher had a bad habit of cursing every time he said a sentence, and I've told him not too, but he's a bad boy. He won't listen.

He rolled his eyes sending me a smirk, "Just because you tell me things doesn't mean I actually listen."

I sighed, "I know."

The day I became friends with Asher was the same day everyone had to go back to school. I couldn't forget that day, even if I tried.


I was running down the halls like a manic because the bell rang ten minutes ago and I was late. Like ten minutes too late.

"I'm late, and I'm so dead. Oh god. Wh-" Next thing I knew I came crashing into someone.

They were cursing their head off as I let out screams. We tumbled a little bit, before we landed with my foot near the person's face. I pulled my leg back, yelling, "Sorry! I was la- I am late!"

I scrambled to my feet getting up quickly. I didn't see your face until you stood up glaring me down. Your whole aurar screamed, 'Bad Boy'. Your hair was a dark brown, as your eyes were turning into a darker grey color. You were tall too, towering over me.

You just huffed at me walking away, well not without cussing me out, but I won't say what you said.

Flashback over

I ended up getting detention that day, and so did you apparently. Then after that I kind of just hung around you and we became friends.

"Jay! Hello! Can we go inside now? Walk in front of me. I don't want any girls," He looked at me grinning, remembering the day we first met, "-Crashing into me."

Screw you Asher, screw you.