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So this article is about anxiety and panic attacks. I'm going to share some tips and methods on dealing with them.

I have social anxiety and get panic attacks sometimes. It's the worst feeling ever. I can't describe the feeling but if you've ever had a panic attack, you know what I'm talking about. When I was around 13/14 I had severe social anxiety and was seeing a therapist every week to help me with it. It really helped and lots of the anxiety is gone now. The only thing I still am terrified of, is speaking in public / giving presentations. Sometimes I have to give presentations at school, and I'm so afraid that I'll get panic attacks. To prevent that I have some things I do to distract myself.

1. Take a hot bath
I take a hot bath and put on a tv show (most of the time it's a sitcom, they cheer me up). I don't put on music, since I will wander off in my mind and start thinking about my presentation. Sometimes I'll even light some candles and put on a face mask. I must say, this really works for me.

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2. Do my makeup
So this is something that I love doing. I'm very into makeup and have quite some drawers filled with products. Ofcourse not everyone likes it, so do something you love! This can be anything, as long as you're distracting yourself. For example; drawing, baking, reading...

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3. Spend time with my pets
I have a cat, a dog and 2 bunnies. I adore them and love taking care of them. When I feel anxious, I always turn to my dog. Dogs are always in for a cuddle and you can tell them anything. But it's proven that dogs actually calm someone with anxiety down.

''A study has determined that a dog’s presence has some sort of healing effect. A person’s heart rate and blood pressure lowers whenever they are around dogs to either touch or keep the company. Another study revealed that dogs can unleash happy hormones in a person, thus reducing stress levels that could trigger anxiety.''
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4. Breathe and stop overthinking
This is very important. breathe. I find myself breathing very weird when I have anxiety (and it's really bad with a panic attack). Often I make it even worse by overthinking stuff, and when I look back I always say: 'wow i was worried for nothing'. stop overthinking, you'll be fine! trust me.

If you struggle with breathing properly or distracting yourself, try out this app: calm harm. It's made for people who self-harm and people with mental illnesses. You can choose from 6 different activity types, depending what you want. I really recommend this app!

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If you think you have social anxiety and you haven't gotten a diagnosis or help. Please go and see your doctor, they can help you. Don't deal with it alone. Seek help, it's okay.

Feel free to message me to talk about stuff, or ask for more tips. I'm more than happy to help you.

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Love, Mara

(Little disclaimer: these are things that work for me. Everyone is different and this might not work for you, you can only find out by trying them out!)