I saw this kind of article and decided to do it too because I was bored.


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electric guitar and gibson sg image rainbow, music, and white image black, mine, and music image book, aesthetic, and notebook image
I love music more than anything in this world. I love listening to music and I love writing music. I express myself through music.


blue, clouds, and sky image dark, grunge, and blue image aesthetic, blue, and girl image car, blue, and light image aesthetic, grunge, and darkblue image blue, dark, and stars image


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chandler, boys, and quotes image Brian Molko, depressed, and Placebo image Image by Maximme Van den Broeck quotes, red, and aesthetic image green day, Lyrics, and basket case image personality, infp, and mbti image gif, morrissey, and harris image quotes, sad, and grunge image

Dreams / Goals

life, moment, and concert image Big Ben, Doves, and goals image airplane, tezzamb, and pastell image london, wallpaper, and kiss image
I want to be a musician and tour and travel and love and be loved!

A Book

Image removed quotes and the picture of dorian gray image quote, black and white, and life image quotes, oscar wilde, and mask image
"The Picture Of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde. This book is amazing and it will make you think about life. It's my favorite book!!


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