This article is in response to Swara Bhaskar's open letter to Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali. If you're not familiar with what I'm referring to you can click on the links I've provided below to give you some further insight.

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Padmaavat, 2018

Long story short, Swara wrote an (excruciatingly long) open letter to Sanjay sir expressing how much she admired him as a film maker but then proceeded to express that after watching Padmaavat she felt reduced to nothing more than a vagina.

She was particularly offended by Padmaavat's climax scene (which involved Padmavati and the other maidens committing Jauhar in order to prevent being captured by Alauddin Khilji).

I want to emphasise that Swara is very much entitled to her opinion even though I clearly disagree with it.

I think her letter is completely void of any understanding or appreciation of India's history and is a pathetic attempt at ridding Padmaavat's final scene of it's well-deserved praise.

Her letter is nothing more than a reminder of how women are dangerously manipulated by pseudo-feminist group think.

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This paragraph (from her letter) struck a particular chord with me:

"I felt very uncomfortable watching your climax, watching that pregnant woman and little girl walk into the fire. I felt my existence was illegitimate because God forbid anything untoward happened to me, I would do everything in my power to sneak out of that fiery pit– even if that meant being enslaved to a monster like Khilji forever."

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Padmaavat, 2018

I actually think it's pretty amazing that so many people can look at the same image and yet interpret what they see so differently.

When I saw that pregnant woman and little girl I felt so many things. I felt pain, I felt anguish, I felt confusion but at the same time I deeply admired those women and understood the reasons behind their courageous steps.

Those Rajput women made an unbelievable sacrifice and they should forevermore be remembered and appreciated for such acts.

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Padmaavat, 2018
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Padmaavat, 2018


Swara mentions in her letter that women have a right to live even if it means being raped or worse. Those women chose to die, I reiterate, they chose.

Between the choice of being a slave to ruthlessness, inhumanity and pure evil or death, they chose death because to them that was more dignified.

Obviously today things are very different but in those times a woman's honour was everything. That has nothing to do with opinion or perspective, that's just history.

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Padmaavat, 2018

While I'm an avid believer in free speech and firmly agree that Swara has every right to exercise her free speech in writing that letter, it's almost a little bittersweet. Unfortunately she will always be remembered for this pathetic attempt at whitewashing history and projecting more misplaced feminism.

Swara, your problem isn't with Padmaavat's ending, your problem is with history.

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Padmaavat, 2018

My final words to Swara,

Padmaavat was an opportunity for women around the world to feel a sense of pride and admiration as women but you chose to take that away from them and I find that shameful.

Padmaavat, 2018; I'd rather die than give myself to you - the truest form of poetry and tragedy

You can agree or disagree with me. I just wanted to say my peace.

Thank you to my whi readers and thank you Mr Bhansali for creating something unforgettable, yet again.

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