Blanket forts are awesome for any occasion, bordom, hanging out with friends, or maybe just a rainy day. There are some pretty amazing and creative blanket forts out there. Here are some of the best ones I came across. Post your blanket forts to #NinahForts Feb.4.2018
Update: Lets get this to 100 likes!

article image lights, loft, and mirrors image
~Bragging rights, I made these two forts

Here are some fantasic forts

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fort, lights, and room image light, room, and home image
fort, blanket fort, and blanket image blankets, creativity, and flowers image light, bedroom, and blanket image light, room, and bedroom image
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Who is ready to make a blanket fort? I know I am! Post your blanket forts with the #NinahForts

-XOXO Ninah