When I was younger, I never really looked in the souls of the people around me..
They were part of my family, friends of mine, classmates or strangers on the street, but I never bothered so much what are they like really, why they act in certain way or dress like that, what are their actual feelings and why is someone so sad, angry or such a good friend..
I never knew these things. All I knew was, that we all are living beings in structured society with certain duties and rights, we can speak, communicate, feel, play, love, grieve... But is this all about us?
I belive there is so much more! For me it's not a coincidence, that we have evolved so much...It's a wonder!
And it's actually so beautiful to be alive in 21st century and the reason is, although there are stil wars, crimes, violence and terrorism, in no other century we had this number of opportunitys to develope ourselves, to educate ourselves, to have freedom to choose the life for ourselves. Only in 21st century everyone can actually be whatever and whereever the want, to make their dreams come true...And in that way one simple human being can transform into a creator and an artist... Because history can proof, that we have always created things, that were beyond us or beyond our time. We have always been capable of imagining, beliving and sensing not only with our five senses, but with our heart too - always been capable of making what we sense into a feeling and then paint it, write it, sing it.... Or with inspiration from the nature we could analyse and then create inventions, make science out of the nothing we had in the beginning... We have learnt and made everything ourselves! That's the magic of being a Human!
Even though we do horrible things sometimes, we can also make beautiful ones...because deep inside everyone of us is one Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Socrates, William Shakespeare or even Eminem..Everyone of us is an Artist!
You can be:

The Shy one

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With your shyness you are one cute puppy, but you can always surprise everyone, because you don't speak so much, but when the time comes, you will shine more than anyone....cause the danger always hides in the silent waters!

The Loud and Funny one

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Maybe not everyone take you seriosly, but without you the whole life would be boring, would be colorless. You are the sun for everyone around you.

The Insecure one

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You are the friend, who is blind about their strengths and is afraid most of the times because thinks that will fail, but you are also the friend, who encourages everyone and always tells them how amazing they are and how they don't have to afraid...cause you know that feeling. You give hope ti people.

The confident one

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You are the back bone of the group. You are the one, who would always be down to fight head on. You can easily convince the others to do something and they often rely on you when there are complicated situations.

The Smart one

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Don't be ashamed of your intelligence, don't be ashamed to act clever, to study in school, to love learning new things.You are the one, whose help with the homework is always needed. Knowledge is power. You are powerfull and everyone can always count on you to solve problems.

The Painter

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There is something different about you, everyone knows that.It's like you are from another universe sometimes.In you everything is art - your style, your behavior, your character, your lovelife, basically everything you like. You bring beauty in the lifes of the people around you.

The Writer

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The one with the overflowing thoughts like an ocean, that can't be stopped. The one, who would write even alone in the coffee shop. And when it comes to inspirational speeches or complicated words, excellent essays, everyone looks at you. The original iddeas always come from you, little poet, but you are actually the poem...

The Musician

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You are a walking song. You can always bright up the day. The music lives within you and you bring it to life for everyone. Even there is sadness you would make it gone at least for a little while..

The Rebel

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The world needs a change and you are the one, who can make it happen. You are not afraid to speak your mind.You don't like the system and you are not afraid of it too. You are the future, you are a hope.

Whoever and whatever you are, never forget that your uniqueness is always a gift and have to use it wisely in order to make your life a masterpiece... Because your character is the brush and you are the Artist of your life.. Your flaws are beautiful, your strengths are beautiful.. You are beautiful, don't forget that! Love yourself! Find the Artist inside!

~Hi, beautiful people of WHI! Thank you for reading my article! It's a bit long so, but I had this idea in my mind and I wanted to share it with you!
~What I want to say with the article is, that all of us are capable of making miracles so you don't have to give up on yourself, if not everything goes well or you are different! I believe , everyone is here for a reason and has purpose, so believe in the Artist and the Creator you are and remember : You are special and important!
~ Again, Thank you for making the time to read my writing and feel free to sand me messages and postcards.I would love to make friends here!
~ Till the next article! Love ya, bye!

~Everyone of us is a little Universe! ~