first of all, don't attack me for anything you don't agree with and don't tell me i'm unoriginal because i know already. okay cool.
if you are someone who draws professionally or someone who draws just as a hobby, you may have experienced these:

~ when drawing a person, you can't get the anatomy/hands/features correct and ruin the whole drawing.

~ when drawing digital art, you draw on the same layer (not willingly) also ruining the entire drawing.

~ (as an introvert) hate it when a classmate/friend/parent shows off your art, giving you a lot of attention.

~ people telling you that they know/seen better artists/art because we obviously don't know that.

~ teachers using you as an example in school, which instantly gives you attention.

and i designate this next list to the most common phrases said when people see your art:

~ "wow this is amazing"
~ "i wish i was as good as you"
~ "draw me something"
~ "how did you learn to draw?"
~ "can i show this to ---?"

and the dreaded. . .

"can you draw me?"

by the way, the answer is "no"