Hey Hearters!
As you may know, it's black history month! I'm always excited to celebrate my heritage and culture, especially during this time of the year. Many people don't know the history behind black history month and I'm here to give it to you.

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Who started it and how?
African American historian, Dr.Carter G. Woodson formed a group called Association of Negro Life and History in 1915. They published the Journal of Negro in 1916 to help educate others about black history.

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Why February and just February?
Originally it was supposed to be the second week in February as Negro History Week. Woodson chose February to celebrate the birthdays of Fredrick Douglas(February 14) and Abraham Lincoln(February 12), because they were highly praised in the black community. Later it was expanded to a month, but was not recognized in America until 1976.
Woodson believed that one day we wouldn't need to designate a special week or month to honor black history and successes, but even though times have changed since 1915, some people still feel like they can use n word, police still murder African Americans without consequences, we get criticized for our hair and skin, and so much more .

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I hope you guys learned something new. I really would like for this to spread so everyone can gain a little knowledge to help support black history from past and from the present