Hai!♡ First off, i want to start with a massive THANK YOU for all the amazing support you guys have continued to show me throughout my articles, it honestly means the world.

I wanted to do a beauty related article, so I've put together a few tips,hacks and products for beginners! ( baring in mind, I'm 16 and still a beginner looool)

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1. Gather a simple skin care routine and stick to it religiously, day and night! ( I'll share mine with you for an example)

- Make sure your removing makeup, and cleansing your skin, BEFORE you start anything else. The worst thing is clogging your pores before you've even started.

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- These wipes are super soft and kind on eyelashes unlike most brands, usually retailing at around £2.50

- Make sure you moisturise
- Facial scrub 1-2 times a week
- Wash your face DAY and NIGHT

This is going to help makeup you use stay looking fresh, and making sure your preparing your skin the correct way for application!

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2. These are the products i use daily without question ( slight review )

- Primer: Baby skin- Maybelline £8.99

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- I think I've used this exact primer since i was 13, Just for the simple fact that its cheap, and blurs out pores so well. I also sometimes use this for a moisturiser if I'm feeling a little lazy.

- Brows: Brow Promade- Freedom ( ash brown for me ) £5

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- I literally swear by this Promade ever since the day i found it. Its got such a creamy texture, and stays on without smudges all day, and is only £5!? Its so ideal for beginners, as it is so easy to use and find your brow shape with.

Brow setting/ Gel: Ready, set, brow! - Benefit £12.50

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- After I've done my brows, i want to maximise the amount of time they stay in place by using this setting gel, It literally locks every single on of your brows in place for up to 12 hours!

Brow filling: Pro long-wear waterproof brow mascara: £19

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- I have such a problem filling in all the gaps with my brows and used this mascara for around a year now. It give your brows the finished bold look with a less gappy problem. ( on lazy days this is the only product i use on my brows for just a slight tint )

Concealer: Boiing - Benefit £15

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- I've sworn by this concealer since the day i started my own makeup! Its got such an industrial consistency and the amount of coverage it offers is unbelievable. I use it to conceal brows, prime eyes for eye shadow, and to cover up redness/ pimples. Its literally amazing! Perfect for those just getting used to makeup, as it doesn't crease during the day.

Powder: Tarte £26

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- This is the most expensive product, and also by far the most effective. This powder i only purchased this January, however, its the most amazing powder I've ever used. Its so lightweight, it doesn't cake at all, or produce little to none flashback depending on how much you pack it on.

Eyeshadow: Soph X revolution £10

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- This pallete has such gorgeous colours inside for a natural but definitionised look ( Is that even a word omg ) And its so cheap for the quality of the pans and the combinations you can create as a beginner!

Mascara: Lash sensational - Maybelline £9.99

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- You already know the raves about how amazing this mascara is. There's no lighter way to put it except its all true, The amount of extension and drama it adds to your lashes for the price is amazing and theres a waterproof one too, for those who are Athletic ( Or just cry alot ahaha me )

Mascara 2: Roller lash- Benefit £20

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- This mascara is more for a 2nd coat, for the extra umph. I use this mascara mainly when i have false lashes on, as it blends so well. Its such a good idea to invest in this mascara for the price.

Lips: Lipbalm - Carmex

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- I'm quite the lipbalm junkie i must admit. But honestly this is the most gorgeous and moisturising one there is out there, no questions asked.

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And that took me SO long to write but hopefully it was worth it! ALL opinions of all the products involved in this article are my own opinions and i cannot guarantee they will work for everyone as we are all different!

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