my whole life feels like grief sometimes
and since i'm not a poet
and not very good at articulating myself
i decided to share these feelings like this.


blue, aesthetic, and hands image girl, grunge, and indie image
i don't want to face what's going on don't want to believe that this is my life
neon, grunge, and light image girl, grunge, and train image
i dont want this to be real i refuse to believe this is how i feel


fire image amor, angry, and dolor image
i want to yell at everything and everyone; cry out in pain
Image by I s a b e l sky, purple, and lightning image
i feel like kicking and screaming i want to watch everything burn to the ground


neon, beautiful, and purple image blue, grunge, and aesthetic image
i would give anything to go back not have to live like this
blue, glow, and neon image purple, glitter, and grunge image
to stop feeling like this, i would sell my soul


dead, grunge, and end image blue, sky, and aesthetic image
everything is empty; pointless
alternative, blue, and boy image sad, quotes, and exhausted image
sometimes i'm sad, most of the time i'm tired


sad, quotes, and life image reality, welcome, and black and white image
the intensity of sadness passes.

it's these moments at the end of the cycle where i notice my lonliness
or i feel helpless
but it's these moments as well
when i can accept that i feel this way
and try to help myself
because although i feel like giving up
life is hard sometimes
and that's okay
because i'm going to fill it with people
who can make it easier.

Image by Malik