As a broke teen, I'm coming up with ways to make myself some money to treat myself, to save up for a car and potentially pay for college. I hate relying on my parents to lend me cash because they have other, more beneficial ways to spend their well-earned money.


You're at Urban Outfitters and you see a top you really want to get.

"I need this in my life," you say. Hopeful, you search for the price tag hoping you can pay for it. Turns out the shirt is $35 dollars. Disappointed, you sigh, "If only I wasn't broke!"



Sell Clothes You Don't Wear

You look into your closet. "Wow, this is a mess!," you realize. You notice how half of your dresses you don't even wear and the same goes for your shirts and shorts. What do you do with all these unwanted items?

You sell them!

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It's actually so easy to do this! There are apps that are specifically for selling clothes such as a popular one called 'Poshmark'! You take a picture of the clothing piece and list it then wait for someone to purchase it! You just mail it out to the buyer and redeem the money. It's so simple :)

Create An Etsy Shop

This one takes some more commitment. But if you love creating things, whether it be art, slime, jewelry, etc, then you can definitely open an Esty Shop! Say you love painting. You can create custom paintings for customers! You can do anything, just be creative ♡

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This is an obvious one but it's great. You can make fliers and go door to door around a friendly, family-filled neighborhood. Or reach out to relatives! On average, babysitters get paid around $10 an hour, so not to bad if you ask me :)

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Dog Walking

This one is really fun. Offer to walk your neighbor's or relative's dog. Not only will you be giving the dog some exercise, but you'll also be getting some too! On average, dog walkers get paid $20-30 every 30 minutes. You also get to spend time with some cute pups ♡

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Garage Sale

Simple! You collect all the items you don't want or need in your home and put them in your driveway. Then make signs promoting your sale so that cars driving nearby can come and check out your things! While you might not make a ton of money this way, it can still definitely help you out, depending on what you are selling :)

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I hope you found this list helpful! Thank you to those who took the time to read and have an amazing rest of your week :)

"money doesn't buy happiness"

- maddie xo