But here I am once again and I've decided to start a youtube channel to post about my trip... well, it's on construction but if you be patient everything will look as pretty as this face, haha
I'm really excited and I've been working a lot for it,soooo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkIqAYa2SlBaDmWmTuWMIkQ?view_as=subscriber here it is, I speak portuguese, but I will put the english and maybe french lyrics on it (my french isn't good,but...)
Are u guys watching Blackpink house? OMG I'm in love with those girls,they're so gentle and heartwarming.
That's it for today,I'll keep posting some sad articles, I have a lot of texts but I'm still too shy to post it, I think the next one will be a old one... that's it,bye o//