hey sunshine,
this is a message for you if you feel worthless, if you don’t love yourself as you should or if you feel alone. This isn't really organized, I just wrote everything I had in my chest as it came out

Please don’t feel worthless because of what other people think or say, who are they to bring you down?! where it is written they are better than you? why their opinion would matter more than your own?

please don’t try to fit in, like if you want to do something special or wear special clothes don’t think about what other poeple will say because if you don’t really do what you want then that’s not really your life you live in! and usually their mind are “blind”

maybe today is a bad day, maybe this month is a bad month but you are not alone, so many people feel the same way than you do, tomorrow will get better I promise! don’t let things happening right now obscure the vision of your futur, every day is a new one!

"just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly"

don’t wait all day/month/year/life trying to find someone who could make you feel better. Love yourself first, don’t let your happiness in someone else’s hands. If you want to do something but you never did it, like to suscribe at the gym or to take music lesson, just do it and try to appreciate your life without depending on someone else. If you think “yeah but that’s not that easy, the person who wrote that probably doesn’t know how I feel”, but are you sure it isn’t that easy? just doing something just because we want to, without thinking about other people’s thoughts? Is that really hard? Shouldn’t it be normal?

If you think “an other day”, remember that we don’t know how much days we have, that’s sad but that’s true. Time is so precious to be spent thinking we are not enough!

I promise you that when you will learn to love yourself and appreciate life without anyone, people will come to you. Stop trying to find a light, become it.

please stay as you are, being different is so attractive!

if you want to talk I’m here

"just when you think it can't get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can't get any better, it can."
love ♥