Morning Routine

wake up @ 6:00

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i typically set my alarm for 6:00 am, and then i just spend some time on my phone and checking whi.

take a shower

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i will usually start getting my shower ready @ 6:10 ish: while in the shower i will brush my teeth, wash my body, shave if i need to, or wash my hair if i didn't the night before.

after shower

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i'll usually just chill in my towel for a few minuets, and then start getting ready @ 6:30


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for makeup i start off by using the mario badescu rose water spray, then i begin with concealer, powder, bronzer, blush and highlighter for the face. For the eyes i typically use my tarte eye shadow palette or the too faced sweet peach palette. Then I use the better than sex mascara and then fill in my eyebrows.


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my style for school is usually just a nice shirt with jeans and converse or i will wear a basic t shirt with jeans or leggings.


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sometimes i will curl my hair, or i will pin it back. but other days ill just wear it naturally down.


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i'll eat something that is fruit based for brekkie, and i also eat at around 7:10

rebrush my teeth

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after eating i'll rebrush my teth


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i'll then pack a lunch for school and put it in my bag

leave for school

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i then grab my bag and coffee and leave for school @ around 7:25