If a girl feels the same sexual desire that a guy does, she's suddenly characterized by society as a whore. Meanwhile, a guy can go on sleeping around with as many girls as he pleases and will likely get praised for it. If a guy cries or shows any type of “feminine” or sensative emotion he's characterized as a pussy, but girls get a free pass to bawl their eyes out every month when they get their period? If girls get a haircut thats slightly masculine, people start calling them ‘dikes’ and if a guy tries to wear makeup or anything slightly feminine, people think that gives them an free pass to be a dick. Why are we like this? Why does society tell us that it’s not okay to do certain things because it ‘not for boys’ or ‘not for girls’? Why can’t we just let people do what makes them happy? As long as they aren't stepping on anybodies toes or being rude then what’s the fucking problem people? Tell Ryan that he slays his winged eyeliner or congratulate Carly for making out with that cute guy she met at the club. Build each other up and let people show off their quirks. I’m not saying everybody has to go to pride festivals or that you can’t dislike somebodies fashion decisions, but stop telling people they can’t be themselves. And stop hiding because of the people who hate to see others happy. Do what makes you happy and you will be, even if society tries to tell you that your gender wont let you.