your color is beautiful
your skin tone is beautiful
nobody should say to you
'your skin is too dark'
'you're ugly because you
have dark skin'
no matter which skin tone
you have
you are always beautiful in
your ways
rock your skin
rock your body
don't let ANYONE
say negative things
about your skin

the skin you wear
on your body
is absolutely stunning
dark skinned women struggles
being comfortable in their skin
people tell them to bleach their
to look fair
to look 'beautiful'

being beautiful has nothing
to do with race
beauty can be in many ways
be seen so it doesn't matter
what skin color you have

it's also very unfair
if a white person gets more
salary than a black person
they do the same job
they are spending the same hours
at work
so why the fuck not?
why can he get more salary
than the other?

the most disrespected person
in America
is a black woman

why are the cops shooting
innocent black young people?
this has to end
and should never come back
this shouldn't even exist in
the first place

non-black people are shouting
the n word
which is very disrespectful
to black people
black people use the word to
greet each other
but if a non-black person
does it
it has a different meaning under it

back in the 1600s
whites used to call them by
the n word
the n word is a racial slur
directed to black people
if you are not black
then don't say it
it isn't that hard
so don't even try

why can't we live in a place
where things like racism does not

racism is honestly ridiculous
you can't hate someone for their
not everybody has the same
color as you
so why would you hate a person for

we are all the same on the inside
we have a heart, a brain, lungs, a liver

rock your skin color
be free and you can do whatever
you wanna do with
i have no problems with that
but does the rest of our world
have problems with it?

it really does