Obsessed - Maggie Lindemann

girl, obsessed, and maggie lindemann image
Song for da fuckboi.

Curious - Hayley Kiyoko

girl, hayley kiyoko, and friendship image
Lady love always makes good music

Boys - Charlie XCX

boys, doll, and pink image
Song for when you are in love with 20 different boys

Such a Boy - Astrid S

aesthetic, astrid s, and couple image astrid s image couple, skam, and such a boy image herman and tømmeraas image
Song for when you are sick of the 20 different boys you are in love with. P.S Astrid's voice is the most magical thing you will ever experience <3

Cartier - Dopebwoy ft Chivv & 3robi

boy image
Dutch rap music. Turn up?

T-shirt - Shontelle

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Throwback song for the lovesick ppl AKA me.

I'm Here - Jennifer Hudson

actress, diva, and singer image
Originally from the play 'The Colour Purple'. If Jennifer Hudson sings it then you know it's good.

I Know Where I've Been - Jennifer Hudson

gif and jennifer hudson image ariana grande and moonlightbae image
Originally from 'Hairspray '. Song for all the powerful ladies.