Hi everyone! First time writing an article. I'm pretty nervous if I'm using the grammar rules in a good way...
I'm living in Amsterdam so English is my second language. Please don't mind some incorrect grammar.

I want to talk about my upcoming trips and some places I would love to go to!

Palma de Mallorca 🌈☀️
I am going with friends to Mallorca! I cannot wait to travel with my best friends to a place where the sun shines most of the time. I finally can start getting a tan and drink a cocktail by the beach or something like that.

Plovdiv 💃🏻🎠
Plovdiv is a city in Bulgaria. I am going there just before summerbreak. I have a bachelorette party! My niece is going to marry soon, so we need to celebrate her freedom for just a bit! It is mostly just a get together with her best friends and me heheh. I am super excited about it, we're still planning something fun.

Genua 🌻
You know the Prinses Diaries, right?! Well, they say that Genovia is a ficitional country or place. But I think that they had as inspiration Genua.
I already discussed this with my friend and we like to go there this year. Hopefully we could go for a weekend or something to explore more of this place.

Sofia ✨
In fall I am going back to Bulgaria for a beautiful wedding. It is really great to go there and see some family and meet new people! It is more of a relaxing weekend and just having some fun at the time.

Maybe I inspired you to go to these places!