Helloo, How are you?

Here's a new article for know me better,
Let's start

1. If you were a shoe? Sneakers
2. If you were a movie? Inkheart
3. If you were a feeling? Happiness
4. If you were a season? Fall

sk8-hi reissue and vans x peanuts image Image removed yellow, happiness, and quotes image autumn, coffee, and aesthetic image

5. If you were a moment? An hug
6. If you were a place? A big Citys square
7. If you were a books? The Narnia Chronicles
8. If you were a view? The sea

anime, relife, and kaizaki arata image city, cracow, and Krakow image book, narnia, and candle image view, blue, and sea image

9. If you were famous? A model
10. If you were an accessory? A bracelet
11. If you were a clothing? Jeans
12. If you were a Drink? Tea

angel, model, and Victoria's Secret image Image by ❅W I N T E R❅ Image by springkg art, yellow, and aesthetic image

13. If you were a color? Blue
14. If you were a moment of the day? Dusk/Dawn
15. If you were a quote? Be pround of yourself and everything that you are
16. If you were an element? Water

blue, clouds, and sky image wallpaper, flowers, and quotes image Image by муѕтєяу♡ blue, cave, and summer image

17. If yoy were an activity? Reading
18. If you were an Subject? Literature
19. If you were an animal? A tiger
20. If you were a fictional character? Aslan from Narnia

book and aesthetic image Image removed Image by Makky lion, art, and animal image

21. If you were a Flower? Red Roses
22. If you were a scent? Fresh bread
23. If you were a superhero? Ironman
24. If you were a flavor? French fries

rose, flowers, and red image bread, breakfast, and food image Avengers, iron man, and Marvel image food and cheese image

25. If you were a part of body? Eyes
26. If you were a word? Beauty (but I prefer it in Italian 'Bellezza')
27. If you were a mythical creature? Fairy
28. If you were a God? Poseidon

eye, drawing, and art image quotes, beauty, and women image disney, film, and photo image blue, god, and grunge image